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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54

David M Wall is a former deputy prosecuting attorney in Seattle, King County and Skagit County, were he served as Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor.
For the past several years, he has been engaged in successful representation of individuals charged with various criminal offenses.

From the hundreds of criminal cases he has successfully tried before juries and Judges, he has learned that our criminal justice system is regrettably not a perfect institution.

Far too often, similar charges against different defendants produce different results.
How light or severe these consequences may be, is often directly impacted by the skill of the lawyer representing the accused.

When faced with criminal charges, or even the threat or likelihood, it is urgently important to retain a lawyer who has:

·Experience in criminal law, preferably from both the perspective of the prosecution and defense.

·A proven record of successful trial practice, and one possessed of the necessary negotiating skills which often moderate or even lead to dismissal of pending charges.

·Earned the respect for rigorous client representation from Prosecutors, Judges and other Lawyers.

·The reputation to exercise on behalf of each client every legal tool ethically available, and to do so aggressively, energetically and efficiently.

·A practice to devote full and unqualified personal attention to the client’s case and to keep him/her fully informed at all times.

David Wall more than meets each of these criteria.

Fees and Costs
There is no fee charged for and initial interview and preliminary evaluations of the merits and possible consequences of the charges threatened or pending. All fees will be fully explained to each client


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